Hi blue cats,

I'm Lesley-Anne of Blue Cat Fitness. I have been a fitness instructor for 18 years now and still love my job, love helping people get fitter, healthier, have fun, socialise and meet their goals.

At 14 years old i was a 2nd dan black belt and used to help my karate instructor take classes and from then on I knew what i wanted to do. So when I left school I went to study applied science (sports science) with outdoor pursuits, this included sports, nutrition, biomachanics, nautical studies, etc. While studying I completed my fitness instructor course and worked part time in a gym.

After leaving college I got a job working for Warner hotels in the leisure centre as a fitness instructor and life guard. I also qualified to teach archery, air rifle, fitball and core stability.

From there i went on to work at the Corniche club (the old name for the dower house gym). Here I was lucky enough to start taking more clients for 1-2-1 gym sessions and classes. I was also lucky enough to keep on with my fitness education and added NVQs in leisure, fitness, and management.

After a year out travelling I moved to a ladies only gym in Harroagte. This where I set up a GP referral scheme after qualifying as a GP referral consultant. This scheme is where doctors can refer a patient to me for exercise for a range of different medical conditions ranging from heart attacks, strokes, knee / hip replacements, depression, anxiety, weight loss etc. I was a wonderful job with such job satisfaction. I did this for several years along side looking after my 180 members that were also my responsibility. My day was spent teaching a range of classes, 1-2-1 workouts and healthy eating advice.

I am a course junkie, and love doing courses so some of my other qualifications include holistic massage, bokwa, Personal training, health and safety, more  fitness instructor courses, abdominal / core courses and of course first aid.  

After having my little girl I set up BLUE CAT FITNESS. It has grown from just 2 classes per week to now offer personal training, massage and 8 classes per week.

I am very lucky to work with such lovely blue cats and am still striving to keep learning and keep up to date with the latest trends and over the last year I have qualified as a CBT (cognetic behavioral therapy)coach to add another level to our sessions. I'm afraid you will never see me in a matching lycra set, with my nails done, fake eye lashes on and putting photos of myself doing gym poses but I will try my best to find a fitness class that you will enjoy and get you great results.

Thank you, hope to see you soon,

Lesley-Anne x  

Here are what some of our blue cats have to say:

" straight forward, no nonsense fitness class with great music! Lesley-Anne makes you push yourself in the nicest possible way whilst having fun at the same time." Laura.

" I love Sunday night circuits, I really miss it when I can't go. I feel it sets me up for the coming week ahead and gets rid of the stress of the week before. It's a fab, friendly class with lovely people and you get fit while having fun." Sarah S

"coming to blue cat fitness was an absolute savior for me as a new mum. I had moved to the area when I was pregnant and it was difficult to find activities that I enjoyed as a mum and were also good for my little one. My little one was happy in the classes and I had fun and made new friends. The exercise boosted my mood and gave me more self confidence in myself and my body. Now my little one is bigger I enjoy the freedom of the evening classes. The support and encouragement from Lesley-Anne is fantastic and adapts the classes for all abilities" Naomi.

 Can't make it to class??

Why not try one of these......

Below is 2 home workout circuit to get you moving or for those day you can't make it to class( remember before you start any exercise or eating plan it is advised that you consult your doctor).

Always warm up before you workout, cool down after (a few mins marching to bring your heart rate down), then stretch.

Warm up:

1 min - side taps with shoulder rolls

1 min - hamstring curls (kick bum) with chest press arms ( reach forward and pull)

1 min - knee lifts and reach up



1 min - squats ( feet facing forward hip width apart)

1min - lunges ( 30sec each leg)

1 min -imaginary skipping

1 min - punches across the body ( using tummy)

1min - twists

1 min - lean back sit ups ( hands forward)

1min - dead flies

1 min- squat thrusts ( single leg)

1min- doggy lifts

1 min - press ups ( on all fours)

1 min - plank ( 6x10sec hold)

Cool down & Stretch!!!


1 min - jump squats, knees to chest

1 min - jump lunges, alt leg

1 min - imaginary skipping

1 min - punches across body with weights, hold squat position

1 min- twists

1 min - lean back sit ups ( with fingers to ears, elbows out).

1min- dead flies 

1min- doggy lifts ( legs slightly wider than hip width)

1min - triceps press ups on all fours

1min- plank (2x 30sec)

cool down & stretch

For help on technique etc join the Facebook group or email bluecatfitness@hotmail.co.uk