Everything you need to know about the classes....

We do a range of classes suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels 

Always remember to book before coming along to a class. On your first session you will be asked to fill in quick medical questionnaire before you start so come a couple of minutes early if you can.

Blast Class:

A fab new fast pace class to sculpt your body and improve your fitness levels. Get ready to sweat and smile! We have room to park a few pushchairs so little babies can come and watch on our daytime class. Fun, fast and aimed to improve your fitness levels. The class finishes with ab / tummy mat work. 


Fitballs are those big balls you see at the gym. They are perfect for doing classes on as the they are a whole body workout. We start off with a cardio warm up and move onto toning and core work before our stretches at the end. 

 Super Circuits:

Think stop watch and whistle with different stations for cardio and toning for a whole body workout. Children from 11 are welcome with their parent. Punch bags, sit ups, hula hoop, skipping etc. With the best cheesy pop tunes! 

Pop up Outside blast class:

Our new outside classes will be advertised on our facebook page and will be different days and times. Come with or without children. We use benches, paths, railings and fields. What we do will depend on the weather but from April to November we will be outside regardless so dress for the weather! 

Mum & me Total tone.

Does what it says on the tin. A top to toe toning class, with cardio warm up going into a mixture of upper body and hip, bum and tum toning exercises.This is a child friendly class so children are welcome from 6 weeks to 4 years, we have lots of fun toys to keep them happy while mummy works out. This class finishes with time for a play at the end and a cup of tea. 

NEW!! BC 60/30

Our new interval training cardio class.

this class is 30 minutes long and will have our normal warm up at the start and stretches to finish. During the class we will do an exercise for 60 seconds that will increase our heart rates, exercises like high knees, mountain climbers, squats, burpees etc and then we march it out for 30 seconds allowing us to get our breath back before the next interval. 

Children are welcome to come and watch, just bring some toys. 

Remember it's your workout so do the class to your limits, and if there is anything you are unable to do - simply miss it out!

class addresses:

Knaresborough community Centre

Stockwell Avenue



Chris Jones Martial Art Studio

Park Avenue




To save you from coming early to your first class you can download and fill out the form below, you can either bring a printed version to class or email it back to bluecatfitness@hotmail.co.uk, thank you. 

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